Exclusive Distributor/Dealer/Installer Inquiries

We welcome inquiries on how to be an exclusive distributor or dealer of exLED products to countries outside South korea. Please contact us at sales@exledshop.com


exLED is the brand produced by LEDSTUDiO which is a South Korean manufacturer and distributor of customized LED's both locally and internationally. 

You can join us by becoming one of our Official Installers in your area. If you are interested, please email us at sales@exledshop.com with your name (and business name), address, and tell us why would you like to be an official installer of exledshop.com. 

exLED's Official Installer's Benefits

- You can display you store on our website so it means visibility of your business.

- Visitors of our website can also see your store and services through our website.

- We can also recommend you to install our products to customers who are in your area.

- And, of course, you can have discounts for our exLED products.  

If you hve any questions about applying as an Official Installer (or even as a distributor in you country), please feel free to contact us. 

ExLED's Official Installers List

Important Information

If you reside in Russia or Ukraine, you must purchase our products from our Russian affiliate at www.exledru.com. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Если Вы находитесь в России, Украине или Латвии, Вы можете приобрести нашу продукцию только у нашего официального филиала на сайте www.exledru.com (www.ledstudio.ru), а также у дилеров нашего филиала в РФ, перечисленных на вышеуказанном сайте.


Please remember when purchasing LED turn signals, that if your vehicle did not originally come with LED turn signals, to purchase and install load balancing resistors, 1 for each main blinker, if not already included. If you do not, the turn signals will flash rapidly, also known as hyper flashing.

On 2 way lights, if you want the switchback feature, you must also purchase the TPC module if it is not already included. If you connect more than 1 light together so that they flash at the same time, you only need 1 TPC module per side. (Eg. If a 2way eyeline module and a 2way side reflector module are connected together, you only need 1 TPC module).

*All of the completed assembly products (ones that come with OEM parts) and OEM part products may take up to an extra 2-3 weeks to process and ship out. Additional wiring may also be required as the pins in the connector may vary from country to country. We are not responsible if you plug and play and the lights do not work.*

You can view various how-to guides on our YouTube channel, as well as in our photo gallery


For WHOLESALE Inquiries:

Please email us your name, business name, type of business, if you have a store/internet front, how long you have been in business, your address, and exactly what you'd like. Please be as detailed at possible, as a lot of our products have different options (quantity, product code, size (if applicable), and which options).  

If you have experience installing products, please mention that along with what kinds of products you can install.


Prices may change without notice. Shipping fees and products prices may show lower than the actual amount due to a computer glitch. When this happens, stated prices by an exLEDSHOP representative are the correct price.

It is customer's responsibility to make sure all items will work/fit in their vehicle. exLEDSHOP.com is not responsible if customer's ordered product does not properly fit/work in their vehicle.

Products do not come with installation manuals or guides. Any information regarding their installation can be found on the product webpage itself, in the "photos (gallery)" tab in the "Information" section, or on our YouTube channel.


Customer is responsible for all taxes incurred. If a customer refuses to receive a package due to not wanting to pay customs fees, we will not issue a refund or a reshipment of the refused items. Customer must repurchase all of the items and pay for separate shipping.

All of exLEDSHOP's products that are produced by exLED come with a 1 year warranty* and are assembled in Korea from parts that are designed by LEDSTUDiO (exLEDSHOP's corporate parent) and produced with constant oversight from LEDSTUDiO to oversee the quality of such parts. LED PCB boards are designed and manufactured in Korea.

By purchasing on exLEDSHOP.com, you agree to all terms and conditions

All prices shown are in USD.

*Where applicable


Our office hours are 9am - 6pm Monday - Friday KST.