For Customers in Middle East/Central America

Special Note to Our Customers in the Middle East/Central America

If you order products with OEM parts or other body parts, DO NOT ship with 3rd party companies to Spring Gardens, New York, Doral, FL, or Miami, FL. FedEx will call the phone number given about a DOT (department of transportation) form and that phone number given is not your number. After a week sitting in customs FedEx will notify us. We then send out a warning email to you. If you do not handle the business with FedEx (usually within 2-3 business days) the package will be shipped back to us or thrown away. If the products get shipped back to us (you will have to pay for the items again if you want the item) you will have to then pay for shipping the products to go directly to you as well as the cost of shipping the items back to us, causing you to pay for shipping 3 times. If the products are returned to us and you want to then cancel your order, you may, but the cost of the original shipping, shipping the items back to us, as well as the appropriate re-stocking fee will be taken out from your total refund. If you are supposed to pay customs tax and you refuse and want to then cancel your order, you will not receive any refund.




It may also be cheaper to ship directly to you even if you do not order products with Mobis parts. If you ship to New York or Miami, you will be paying shipping 2 times. Korea > New York/Miami > Your Country.   Korea > Your Country is usually cheaper in the end.


If you reside in Egypt or any other country that PayPal does NOT do business with, please email us your preferred order (sam@exledshop.com) and we will tell you how to pay along with final pricing information (total cost of products and shipping). When you do, please tell us the product code and any of the required options.